We believe in that, one of the most important responsibilities is choosing the right pre-school for your child. It is important to make the correct choice because a strong foundation paves for the way for a bright future.

We are authorized Kinder Garten School (KG1 TO -KG3), also We offering flexible pre-school and day care services. Our programs and activities are designed to meet children’s needs as well as their family’s needs.  

Future Experts Kindergarten School has a proficient team of experts in child development, early childhood education who are committed to providing top rate interactive learning experiences through the use of latest education technology.

We pride ourselves on being a happy school with a very positive outlook, and the directors take this into consideration when employing new staff, recruiting teachers with not only qualifications, but a generally sunny outlook on life.


Why us?

Our Philosophy

Being a pioneer and a leader in ECCE (Early Childhood Care & Education), Future Experts Kindergarten School has set unparalleled standards in the CDE (Child Development & Education) space. With years of dedicated research done by its Child Development Experts, Future Experts Kindergarten School has developed the best-in-class child centric learning methodology. Where, to be a leader in Preschool Education, provide children "a home-away-from-home" to give them "best-in-class" environment to optimize their Potential.

Our school provides developmentally appropriate opportunities for children to grow academically, creatively, physically and socially. We are committed to using traditional and innovative educational practices that best foster each child’s development. Students are encouraged to face challenges, learn through experimentation and think critically in order to become individuals who are imaginative, independent and self-motivated.

Our school culture promotes strong English communication skills to enable students to become effective and meaningful communicators. 


Our Objectives

  • Prepare children for school and life.
  • Develop creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Build communication and speaking skills.
  • Develop social competence and social skills.
  • Teach the application and transfer of knowledge.
  • Promote leadership and personal growth.
  • Encourage a lifelong love for learning. 


  Our power

  • Home like school.
  • Updated curriculum.
  • Scientific and advanced study material as well as play and learn equipment.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • Projectors to show animated educational material.
  • Child friendly environment.
  • Every child treated as a unique individual.
  • Highly Qualified, enthusiastic and caring teachers/Educational Staff.
  • Experienced psychologist on site.
  • Warm and stimulating interaction with children with caring and secure environment.
  • Focusing on all facets of Child Development including Linguistic, Physical, Socio-emotional, Cognitive and Creative areas.
  • Highly interactive teaching methodology.
  • Activity based learning, themes and concepts used to impact the learning.
  • Flexible activity schedule which is age-appropriate and accommodates the latest in teaching techniques.
  • Provision for both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Field Trips.
  • Completely secure premises.
  • Modern, comfortable& safe transportation.


Edutainment (School activities)

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After school hours we have a wide range of exciting options to entertain and educate your child; We always have new events happening, so please keep an eye on our website and social media for updates and information.

You can see that we think it’s very important to work hard and play hard! We do lots of activities together and this helps us learn how to work together in a team, and to cooperate with others.


Parents corner

The director, site supervisor and head teachers are always happy to talk to you.  We try to touch base with you on a daily basis..  We also attach notes to your child’s sign-in sheet, so, to obtain the best cooperation from the school for your ward, we earnestly advise you to look into your child's school diary every day and acknowledge this as a communication bridge between the school and yourself. Remarks in the diary should be seen and countersigned regularly. We communicate to parents mostly through e-mail, telephone, and face-to-face.  If you would like to set-up a time to talk to the director or a teacher, please contact them.

Parent conferences will be scheduled as needed for those children who may need additional social and academic support. Conferences may be requested at other times by either parents or teachers as the need arises.  Parents will be provided with a copy of their child’s assessment twice a year.

Kindly see that the lessons and homework assigned for the day are done. The students should be motivated to cultivate neatness and work independently.

If you have questions about your child’s development, please let your child’s head teacher know.  If there is a concern about your child’s behavior, your child’s head teacher will set-up a time to meet with you.  As a team, we will discuss a plan of action to meet your child’s individual needs.

Kindly inculcate the feeling of cleanliness and strict adherence to school uniform in your child.

The medium of instruction in the school is English. A certain amount of regular conversation in English at home will go a long way in developing your child's command over the language.

 Change of contact number and address should be intimated to the school authorities immediately.


We work to cater to the needs of toddlers whose childhood is precious and deserves to be full of joy, play, love, happy learning, lovely memories all of which could make their childhood unique. We welcome our children with open arms and give them a home away from home.