Educational Consultant Services

Our sophisticated Consulting Services Team provides informed and insightful strategic governance and management consulting support to school heads, boards of trustees, and other top level administrators at educational institutions. Our services include:


We pioneered the concept of charter schools in Saudi Arabia and our tradition of innovation is at the core of what we do. Our education reform gives us unique perspective and experience in providing our partners with effective solutions to improve student achievement.

Future Experts helps schools achieve lasting gains in performance, using an extensive portfolio of proven solutions including assisting underperforming schools to make sustained and ongoing improvement on achievement by using Future Experts Education Management Program.
Future Experts Education Management Program is a change management program that sends a team of education professionals directly to the partnering school to work closely with educators and administrators to develop site capacity. The program operates with a whole school approach, combining leadership development, curriculum improvements and a proven assessment system to target all components of the learning process.


 Future Experts Education Management follows these three steps:




Future Experts Education Management Program begins with an end in mind. From the outset, key outcomes are defined that represent the goals, qualities and improvements that a school can achieve by the end of the partnership. These support and enhance the school’s needs assessment and development planning process.


Assess & Diagnose

We offer an array of performance assessments services, including:
Need Assessment Review, School Quality Review, MOE Quality Review and School Management Organization Quality Review, Teachers’ Evaluation Review.  Each of these review processes may be customized to align with our clients' existing quality efforts or other needs.

Assessment & Diagnose Services:

  • Needs Assessment Program: 360 Degree Diagnostic that identifies strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Evaluation (Reading, Writing, Math, Science).

  •    Common Core Standards.

  • School Quality Reviews.

  • MAP assessment.

Planning & Monitoring

Our Planning and Monitoring Services go hand-in-hand with our assessment services. We conduct School Improvement Planning based on evidence collected through our assessments services. Our improvement plans are simple, achievable and focused on the instructional core. In addition to planning for sustainable change, we help our clients realize new endeavors through School Design and Application Development.

Planning and monitoring Services:

  • School Improvement program with clearly articulated goals linked to five Pillars and Milestones.

The Five Pillars

We focus our work on five, interrelated pillars that represent the essential support systems that are effectively managed at today’s outstanding schools. Our whole school approach is founded on these core values that encourage a positive culture and guide good decision-making:

Leadership, Learning Environment, and Assessment for Learning, Pedagogy and Curriculum, Student & Family Support.




Quality Assurance of the Programs:

We have a specialist for every area of quality assurance, so we can tailor our service around your requirements. We can assist schools through:

  • Preparation for educational oversight

        - Meeting the standards of regulatory bodies of accreditation.
        - Aligning policies and procedures to legislation.
        - Quality assurance of programs.
        - Setting up a new education provider.
        - Stress management and professional development workshops for staff.
        - Advising governments on quality assurance in education.

  • Design and application Development.

  • Curriculum development, teaching In accordance with the system of education in all levels of education.

  • Manage the translation textbooks, instruction manuals from the English to Arabic and vise versa.



  • Leadership Coaching.

  • Professional Development.

Our achievement services focus on sustainable change. We provide management and staffing for Professional Development Networks that offer a range of services to build and expand school capacity. We also offer more intensive Leadership Coaching relationships at the higher school levels that build leadership skills through tackling real issues. Finally, we engage in comprehensive Sustainable Change Partnerships with International well-reputed systems around the world i.e. Finnish Education Standards, Common Core Standards, MAP assessment.


  •  Targeted applicant recruiting and screening Development of job descriptions and screening instruments to identify candidates.

  • Conducting market analysis to determine competitive wages for identified positions.

  • Development of vacancy announcements and screening documents.


Future Experts will work with school leadership to develop plans to increase family engagement, develop family coaching programs, and strategies for families to use at home to increase achievement.



Future Experts offers speaking and lectures on the following topics:

Student Achievement.

School Transformation.

Classroom Management.

Staff and student motivation.

College Readiness.

Family Engagement.

Common Core.

Teachers/ staff evaluation.