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Mer-Mates participation in PADI Annual forum

Who are We?

As a result of the notable destruction for the coral and reef’s in our local marine environment, in the Red sea where we live , Swim and dive over the past few years, and as per our obligation to mother earth and the real meaning of ethics, the Mer-Mates group was established in 2013 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We started as a group that promotes Marine Conservation globally and we voluntarily started to transform the passion of sea and nature lovers into directed critical actions that can help preserving the marine environment. Yet with the increasing numbers of those who practice watersports and share with us a deep sense of care for the marine environment, today we felt obligated to serve those who care and help them preserve their health too, thus our interests extended today to include all what focuses on marine environmental preservation plus the health and safety practice of all water sports.


Mer-Mates aims to become a world class reference for all Red sea marine non-profit organizations, research centers and groups, the latter must focus on marine environment preservation and the health & safety of those who practice water sports. Our activities include: Health & Environmental awareness symposiums, training workshops, Beach cleanup, watch patrols, designing diving spots’ site maps, coral transplantation, marine & medical research and watersports specialized mobile clinics.